Rubber Roofing

We install EUROSHIELD™ Environmentally Friendly Rubber Roofing, made in Canada.

This product is made from recycled rubber tires (600-1000 per average roof) and comes in three styles:

  • EUROSLATE, which replicates the look and texture of a traditional heavy chiseled-edge slate tile
  • EUROTILE is designed to replicate a concrete tile with a smooth-cut exposed edge
  • EUROSHAKE, which is the perfect choice for those wanting the look of a wood roof without the worries of decay or splitting of a cedar roof.

These products are lightweight, durable, long lasting, fire resistant, hail resistant, affordable, virtually maintenance free and have a 50 year transferable warranty.

NEW PRODUCT : Eurolite Slate

Introducing a unique new product from EUROSHIELD Recycled Rubber Roofing.

These tiles look like traditional slate, at a fraction of the cost. This lightweight (2 lb / sq ft) tiles handle and installs like asphalt shingles. The pairing of easy installation and manufacturer's competitive pricing, produces incredible value for a 50 year premium 'Green' roof.





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