Fiberglass Laminated Shingles

Fiberglass-based laminated shingles; often called composition shingles, are the most popular product in the North American roofing market. They are solidly constructed with a fiberglass mat, asphalt, and ceramic granules.

The biggest assets of these shingles are:
  • Class ‘A’ fireproof rating (same as concrete tile), rot-proof, they will not curl, and are the most affordable of all roof products.
  • Fiberglass shingles have the most diverse design and colour palette; to compliment your homes’ personality.
  • The manufacturer’s GAF, CERTAINTEED, MALARKEY, and PABCO; offer limited warranties starting at twenty-five years and extending to a LIFETIME (or 50 years).
  • These products are affordable, durable, wind resistant, long lasting, fire proof, hail resistant, algae resistant, and can be installed on low- sloped or steep-sloped structures.





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